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Becoming a Proud Michigan Educator

To be employed in Michigan as a teacher, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a bachelor's degree and a valid teaching certificate. All educators must complete the steps listed below as well as uphold standards of professional practice.

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Choosing an Endorsement

In Michigan, you earn endorsements on your certificate based on the subject area and grade levels you want to teach. All certificates must have at least one endorsement and some endorsements cannot be earned alone (for example, special education endorsements require an endorsement in a general education subject area). Teachers who have more than one endorsement tend to be more marketable and able to find a job, as they could teach multiple subject areas. Work with your educator preparation provider to determine which endorsement areas are marketable in your area. 

Do you already have a Michigan teaching certificate? Michigan also offers advanced options. Visit to learn more about additional endorsements and advanced programs. 

Early Childhood General and Special Education (Birth-Kindergarten)

Lower Elementary Education (PK-3)

Upper Elementary Education (3-6)

Elementary K-5 All Subjects (K-8 All Subjects in a Self-Contained Classroom) 

At this time, you can choose to focus at the elementary (K-8) level or the secondary (6-12) level. 


Elementary K-5 All Subjects (K-8 All Subjects in a Self-Contained Classroom) 

AND Choose one or more of the following: 

  • K-8 Language Arts 
  • K-8 Mathematics  
  • K-8 Integrated Science 
  • K-8 Social Studies 


Choose one or more of the following: 

  • 6-12 Language Arts 
  • 6-12 Mathematics 
  • 6-12 Science 
  • 6-12 Social Studies 

Beginning in Fall 2023, Michigan educator preparation programs will begin offering new endorsement areas focused specifically on the middle grades. You could choose one or more of these subject areas. 

  • 5-9 English Language Arts Coming Fall 2023 
  • 5-9 Mathematics Coming Fall 2023 
  • 5-9 Integrated Science Coming Fall 2025 
  • 5-9 Social Studies Coming Fall 2025 

For high school teaching, you can choose a broad content area (like integrated science) or a specialized content area (like biology). The broad content areas allow you to teach in all of the sub-areas of that content (a person with an integrated science endorsement can teach a course called “Science” or a course called Biology. A person with a Biology endorsement can only teach a course called biology. You should work with your educator preparation program advisor to discuss which endorsement areas are marketable together.  

  • English Language Arts 
  • English 
  • Speech 
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics 
  • Earth Space Science 
  • Physical Science 
  • Social Studies 
  • Economics 
  • Geography 
  • History 
  • Political Science 
  • Psychology 
  • Business, Management Marketing, and Technology 
  • Family and Consumer Sciences 
  • Agriscience and Natural Resources 
  • Industrial and Technology Education 

Beginning in Fall 2023, Michigan educator preparation programs will begin offering new endorsement areas focused specifically on high school content. You could choose one or more of these subject areas. 

  • 7-12 English Language Arts Coming Fall 2023 
  • 7-12 Mathematics Coming Fall 2023 
  • 7-12 Integrated Science Coming Fall 2025 
  • 7-12 Social Studies Coming Fall 2025 

Michigan also offers teaching programs in other areas of specialization. You could choose one or more of these options. The areas labeled with a * must be earned along with a content area endorsement, such as Elementary K-5 All Subjects (K-8 All Subjects in a Self-Contained Classroom) or 6-12 Mathematics. 

  • K-12 Music Education 
  • K-12 Visual Arts Education 
  • K-12 World Language (Choose from French, German, Greek, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic (Modern Standard), Japanese, Anishinaabemowin Language and Culture, Chinese (Mandarin), American Sign Language, or Other) 
  • K-12 Bilingual Education* (Choose from English as a Second Language, French, German, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean, Serbo-Croatian/Bosnian, Chaldean, Filipino, Japanese) 
  • K-12 Special Education* (Choose from: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cognitive Impairment, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Emotional Impairment, Learning Disabilities, Physical or other Health Impairment, Physical Education for Students with Disabilities, Speech and Language Impairment, or Visual Impairment)


Moving to Michigan

Are you already certified in another state?

We are excited you are coming to Michigan. To be employed in a Michigan school, you must hold a valid Michigan teaching certificate or permit. We work hard to match the certificate level and endorsements on your certificate from another state. This may mean you need to complete other requirements necessary for Michigan certification. Submit an application in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) to begin an evaluation by one of our specialists. MOECS will determine which certificate is being applied for based on your answers to application question and you will receive an email with any additional requirements you need to meet.

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Financial Support

We are so excited you are beginning your journey as a Future Proud Michigan Educator! There are several financial support options for completing your preparation, either as a first time teacher or for certified teachers seeking to expand the content areas in which they can teach.

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Hear from Future Proud Michigan Educators

Proud Michigan Educators are helping prepare Future Proud Michigan Educators. This video features Dr. Paula Lancaster, dean of the College of Education and Human Services at CMU; Ashton Wirgau, teacher candidate at CMU; Alexia Torres, Mt. Pleasant High School teacher and Ashton's supervising teacher; Lauren Lewallen, teacher candidate at CMU; and Kaylee VanderBaan, a teacher at Mt. Pleasant Middle School and Lauren's supervising teacher.

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